Wiring Diagram 

right click on the diagram and click on "save picture as" and save it on your hard drive and then print it from there. Thanks to Scott at http://home.earthlink.net/~scotts/ for the diagram.

A Headlight-right 10 Secondary cable (high tension)
B Headlight-left 11 Primary cable (black)
C Ignition distributor 12 Ignition switch cable
D Ignition coil 13 Red
E Generator 14  Green
F Starter motor & switch 15 Red
G Horn 16 Yellow
H Signal lamp switch 17 Black
J Headlight terminal block 18 Red
K Cable connector 19 Red
L Headlight dimmer (foot) 20 Green
M Ignition switch & lock 21 Red
N Ignition switch light 22 Starter cable and terminal (-)
P Fuel guage (dash unit) 23 Yellow
Q Horn button 24 Black
R Instrument light-right 25 Brown
S Headlight bright beam indicator 26 Blue
T Instrument light-left 27 Blue
U Instrument light switch 28 Black and yellow
V Head & tail light switch & fuse 29 Black
W Ammeter 30 Brown
X Voltage regulator 31 Black
Y Cable connector 32 Black
Z Battery 33 Black
AA Reading lamp pillar switch 34 Brown
BB Reading lamp-auto door switch-R 35 Black
CC Tail and signal light-right 36 White
DD Fuel guage-tank unit 37 Red
EE Reading light 38 Battery ground cable and terminal (+)
FF Rear license plate light 39 Red
GG Reading lamp-auto door switch-L 40 Yellow
HH Cable connector 41 Red
JJ Tail and signal light-left 42 White
1-6 Spark plug cables (high tension) 43 White
7 Red 44 Yellow
8 Yellow
9 Black